New Print on Demand Maps: Additional Regional Relief Maps

May 23, 2018

We have just added 13 additional Regional Relief Print on Demand maps to our collection. The maps expand the series to include coverage of Cuba, England, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Spain, Venezuela and Wales. Based on the maps from the beautiful and massive Earth Platinum by Millennium House, […]

New Print On Demand Map: XYZ Maps Upside Down World

May 17, 2018

Wall map of the world with a twist! An alternative view of the World with this wall map with everything turned on its head raising the questioning conventional wisdom and asking which way is truly up? This south-up world map from XYZ Maps is now available for Print on Demand from our retail partners. Click […]

Product Updates: UK Boundary-Line Custom Maps

May 14, 2018

The May 2018 Ordnance Survey Boundary-Line data is now available in the following custom map products: UK Districts, Boroughs & Unitary Authorities, UK Electoral Constituencies, UK Electoral Constituencies, Wards/Divisions and UK Electoral Wards/Divisions.  

Print on Demand Product Update: Globe Turner and Magna Carta Maps World Maps

May 8, 2018

Seven world maps have been updated for 2018 with new country names of Cabo Verde and Czechia and a new national capital for Sri Lanka. World maps with flags also include the new flag for Mauritania. The maps that have been updated are: Globe Turner Classic World Wall Map Classic World Wall Map with Flags […]

Product Update: OS MasterMap

May 1, 2018

All MasterMap colour and black & white Wall Maps and Site Plan Maps have been updated. The currency date for this data is March 8, 2018.

New Print On Demand Maps: Mapping Specialists USA Lake Maps

April 20, 2018

Mapping Specialists’ 3-D Lake Maps offer a new and unique way to discover a lake. The maps display a relief model that allows the user to view the lake in 3-D. Symbols showing plant life, rock structure, sand reefs, and stump fields, all in full color, give the maps an eye-catching appeal. 55 lake maps […]

Product Update: Great Britain A-Z Street Map

April 18, 2018

A-Z Map’s Great Britain Street Map custom product has been updated with revised map data for existing coverage areas. The updated area is show below in green.

New Print On Demand Maps: Mapping Specialists USA Regional Maps

April 17, 2018

The MapSherpa catalog now includes eight regional USA print on demand maps by the cartographic experts at Mapping Specialists. These regional wall maps offer complete, updated road information as well as thousands of points of interest such as parks, museums, historic sites and detailed shaded relief. These detailed wall maps are the perfect complement to […]

Print on Demand Product Update: ZIP Codes and Forward Sortation Areas

April 9, 2018

We have updated the 35 ZIP Code and Forward Sortation Area print on demand maps to use the March 2018 TomTom update. This is the same data currently used by the custom map ZIP code and FSA products.

New Print On Demand Maps: Globe Turner Canadian Provinces and Hurricane Tracking

April 5, 2018

Seven new Globe Turner maps are now available in the MapSherpa Print on Demand catalog. The maps are of the Canadian provinces and one base map for hurricane tracking. The six province maps are of the southern, more populated portions of British Columbia & Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec – with separate French and […]